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The Bell Witch Story
Theatrical Production of  Tennessee's famous Spirit



“The Bell Witch Story” theatrical production

will be performed at the following locations:

       TN State Fairgrounds - Nashville, TN       October 9-11, 16-18, 2008

       Wilson Co. Fairgrounds - Lebanon, TN    October 23-25, 2008

       Patterson Theatre - Murfreesboro, TN     October 29-31, 2008

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There will be no play in 2009.


“The Bell Witch Story” theatrical production to be performed October 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 and 29-31, 2008

The Tennessee Theater Company will perform the original “The Bell Witch Story” play production which was the basis for “The Bell Witch Haunting” movie. Both were penned and directed by Ric White, who will be directing the 2008 production with assistant director, Linda Thornton, who also produced the movie. The play is a historic thriller based on actual events that happened from 1817 to 1821, in which a vengeful spirit tormented John Bell and his family, leaving him in a terrifying fight to save his children and his own life! “The Bell Witch Story” production and the film are both based on eyewitness accounts from Richard Bell’s manuscript “Our Family Trouble” and Charles Bailey Bell’s book “The Bell Witch of Tennessee”. This production was first made popular in 1998 at the Sumner County Playhouse in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Some of the actors who were in the film will also be appearing in the theatrical production. All shows will be at 7:30 p.m.; with the doors opening at 6:45 p.m. "The Bell Witch Story" will be performed at the following locations:


Tn State Fairgrounds                       Nashville, TN                    October 9th - 11th & 16th - 18th

Wilson County Fairgrounds            Lebanon, TN                     October 23rd - 25th

Patterson Theatre                             Murfreesboro, TN             October 29 - 31st

All productions are indoors and will be perform rain or shine.


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Pat Fitzhugh will be signing Bell Witch books

every Friday at "The Bell Witch Story"

Pat Fitzhugh, Bell Witch author, historian and lecturer will be signing copies of his book "The Bell Witch: The Full Account" at the four Friday productions on October 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. He will be available from 6:45 PM until 9:30 PM. For more information about Pat, his books and the Bell Witch CLICK HERE.

To see Pat Fitzhugh and "The Bell Witch Story" playwright and director, Ric White, interviewed on Channel 5+ CLICK HERE.







Playwright’s Notes

I was always fascinated with the "Bell Witch" growing up. I remember hearing all the stories and superstitions, like if you say the witch doesn't exist three times while turning around it will appear in a mirror. But when I started researching and reading the recollections of the people who were there, it made the hair stand on my neck. As extraordinary as the made up stories sounded, they were nothing compared to what really happened. I think that when people see the truth, they will be mystified and astonished, as were hundreds of visitors who came from all over the country to hear and experience the Spirit almost two hundred years ago.


I first began working on a screenplay for the “Bell Witch” when I was in college studying scriptwriting. In 1998, as one of the founders of the Sumner County Playhouse, I embarked on the task of writing “The Bell Witch Story” to be produced as the first production at the new facility. Later, as Linda Thornton and I became involved in writing and directing for film projects, our immediate goal was to produce a film on the phenomena, which was achieved and released as “The Bell Witch Haunting” movie. The original play and film are both based on eyewitness accounts from Charles Bailey Bell’s book “The Bell Witch of Tennessee” and Richard Bell’s manuscript “Our Family Trouble”. Because the story is so involved with a large number of people and events happening over a four-year period, many of the scenes in the play have been condensed or persons combined or changed that experienced and witnessed certain events; but I have stayed as true to the story as possible with the limitations of a stage production and a two-hour format.


There are so many aspects to this phenomenon that make it the most amazing “haunting” that has been recorded. A few are: The number of people who communicated with and experienced the haunting. This is the only known case where a spirit took credit for and was blamed for murder. Tennessee is the only state to acknowledge haunting activity in state records. After visiting the Bell's home, Andrew Jackson said, "I vow I would rather fight the entire British army single-handed than face this witch again!". The spirit demonstrated several personalities – kind, vicious, intelligent, it enjoyed scripture and church, and was a showman with a great sense of humor. At John Bell’s funeral the gloating Spirit cheerfully offered the large number of mourners a concert of brawny drinking songs.


Over a four-year period, hundreds of people witnessed the Spirit's amazing demonstrations; and many of the most reputable people of Robertson County and the area testified to the events, telling their stories over and over to the younger generations. During the period of these exciting demonstrations, ever so many detectives, wise men, witch doctors and conjurors came to exercise their skills on the Spirit and to try to rid the Bells of their tormentor; and all were brought to grief by the Spirit and left confessing that the phenomena was something beyond comprehension. So far, no one has ever given an intelligent explanation to the great mystery.


The Bell Witch legend bears witness to what the human spirit and body can endure and rise above, and is a great credit to the community that stood with and supported the Bells through many trials and tribulations. The Bell’s house, a religious center for revivals and bible studies, became a place of fear and terror; a home of torment for John, Lucy and their children. A place of suffering as John’s family and friends watched helplessly as a good husband, father and friend withered away while the Spirit did as it pleased. Yet, those who witnessed the demonstrations knew that the Spirit had a wonderful power of intelligence, possessing great knowledge of men and things; it could apparently read minds, tell men’s secrets, repeat sermons word for word, sing every song in the hymn book and quote scripture with absolute accuracy. Why was it so full of contradictions; kind to some, vengeful to others; angelic at times, demonic at others? These contradictions are what drew me to this story and continue to hold my attention and astonishment, as I’m sure it will yours. The play, like the film, merely relays the facts; it does not present answers for the great mystery of who “Kate” was, why It was here and why It killed John Bell, thus the great mystery continues…






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What is "The Bell Witch Haunting" movie?

"The Bell Witch Haunting" is Willing Hearts Productions' acclaimed motion picture based on America's most renowned true haunting. It is a powerful supernatural thriller that mixes a frightful ghost story with a suspenseful plot. This historic thriller is based on actual events that happened from 1817 to 1821, in which a vengeful spirit tormented John Bell and his family, leaving him in a terrifying fight to save his children and his own life! Over a four-year period, hundreds of people witnessed the Spirit's amazing demonstrations and heard it speak... "CLICK HERE" for more information and to see trailer

"I would rather face the whole British army, than face the Bell Witch again!"

-Andrew Jackson, President of the United States